Leica m2


Simple camera makes street photographers happier

Time changes a lot of things, especially the mind. At one time the Leica m3 was the perfect camera in my mind, but lately the M2 has grown in stature and even somewhat surpassed the m3 with its minimalist design. but back then, when it was first released, the m3 was a much more advanced model. The Leica M3 was released in 1954 and the Leica M2 was released in 1957 as a cheaper version.

The m2 was popular perhaps for a more important reason, it had a 35mm frame and 35mm lenses were somewhat more popular than 50mm. Using a Leica rangefinder camera with a 35mm lens is often referred to as a “storytelling camera combination”. The M2’s viewfinder has the added advantage of being very sharp and clear, bringing out one wireframe at a time.