kodak tri-x 400TX review

kodak tri-x 400TX + leica 21 f3.4 super angulon

Films for Leica Centennial

The Leica 100th Anniversary Limited Edition M100 set contains the Leica M-A + Leica M Monochrom combination. Also included is a film, which is Kodak tri-x 400TX, Kodak’s legendary black and white film.

This is also Kodak’s most popular black and white film, with a high dynamic range, a variety of processing solutions and forced flush solutions. It is called “film that can be developed with water.” It is a favorite of news reporters and photographers from Magnum. Leica’s 100th anniversary model chose this film, showing how high 400tx is in the photography world.

Very high dynamic range

The kodak tri-x 400TX has a very high dynamic range, which is very useful for human photography and street photography that need to be quickly captured. Many times you have no time to adjust the aperture and shutter speed. In these areas this requires negative film to have a higher dynamic range. Many people will use Kodak 400tx as iso800, iso1600 film, and double or double the development time when developing. Some people use it as iso100, iso200 film, and then shorten the development time appropriately. The kodak tri-x 400TX gives people more freedom to play, which is one of the main reasons people love it.

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My experience with Rolleiflex 3.5 mx-evs (kodak black & white films)

Rolleiflex 3.5 mx-evs with kodak black & white films

I’m not a fan of dual-lens reflex cameras, but everyone says that every Leica user has a Rollei dual-lens reflex camera at home. I think this makes sense.
My camera is a very cheap Rolleiflex mx-evs. This is the last generation of Rollei dual-reflex cameras that can’t change the focusing screen, and there is no metering function. A little bit like Leica’s M3, fully manual, fully mechanical, and the quality is excellent.

Rollei camera is good

Rolleiflex mx-evs, like the early models of Rollei cameras, uses Tessar lenses. Later Rollai cameras used better lenses from Zeiss and Schneider, such as 2.8f and 3.5f. I think any Rollei is very artistic, and the quality of the early models is very good, and the automatic counter recognition is also great. Rollei cameras are as sophisticated as Leica cameras, and very good.

Street photography with Rolleiflex mx-evs

I love Robert Doisneau, a master of street photography who uses Rollei cameras. There was an interesting story back then. The newspaper published Henri Cartier Bresson’s article about Leica’s lightness and portability. The next day, the newspaper published an article about Robert Doisneau’s camera that was good at snapping.

Up to now, many people like to use the Rollei dual-reflex camera for street photography, especially the recently discovered Vivienne Mayer, who is also a master of street photography. She likes the Rollei camera very much.

I used Rolleiflex mx-evs street photography and found it really interesting. The image in the viewfinder is opposite to reality. There is a feeling of being away from reality and entering a world where the left and right are opposite. And the photos taken by Rolleiflex mx-evs are very nice.

However, I found that the 120 model film is very different from the 135 model film. My estimation based on 135 film experience is particularly prone to overexposure. Later it was rarely used.

Rolleiflex mx-evs lens

Square composition, shallow depth of field, these two points are the biggest features of Rolleiflex mx-evs lens. This lens is actually very easy to take good pictures, especially portraits. Many people are obsessed with its beautiful bokeh. The 120-format film used by Rolleiflex mx-evs is four times larger than the 135-format film, making it easier to scan high-quality photos.

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Kodak ULTRAMAX 400 First choice!

Kodak ULTRAMAX 400


This digital age is also very interesting to use film photography.

The film seems to usher in another spring. In the spring, there are many flowers blooming, and there are often some strange flowers that come out and start to fall. Only kodak ultramax400 does not fight or grab, there is no applause, forever universal roll.

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