Voigtlander Bessa R2a


Shrewd and capable indeed

The reason why Voigtlander is still alive is that it is smart not to directly compete for Leica users, but to make up for the low-end market that Leica does not want. Voigtlander is Leica’s entry-level product, because Leica itself does not produce entry-level products. Although many people say that second-hand Leica is the entry-level product for Leica, not everyone likes to buy second-hand lenses. But that’s where Voigtlander comes in! It’s the perfect solution for anyone looking for a great camera at an affordable price. After all, second-hand stuff may have unknown problems, but Voigtlander is targeting this market and they’re doing a great job of it!

The Voigtlander M-mount lens is similar to the Leica in terms of specs, but it costs about one-tenth as much. Plus, the Voigtländer Bessa has a bunch of limited editions in special colors that are pretty cool. A lot of people buy Voigtlander fuselages because of the colorful fuselages. My favorite is the gray painted version because the Bessa’s leather trim is black, and it goes well with gray.

The German Voigtlander Bessa II was a big hit back in the day, but it’s since faded into obscurity. These days, the Voigtlander brand is owned by Cosina in Japan, where all new products are made. Needless to say, Voigtlander products still have a lot going for them.

What sets the Voigtländer Bessa R2a apart from the Leica M?

  1. The Leica viewfinder frame is controlled by a complex and precise mechanical system, which allows it to automatically select the frame according to the lens in use. In contrast, the Voigtlander frame is selected manually and does not have automatic adjustment functions, which allows the manufacturer to save costs.
  2. The shutter speed is a crucial parameter in photography. The maximum shutter speed of the Voigtlander is twice that of the Leica, at 1/2000.
  3. It is evident that the metal shutter utilized by Voigtlander is naturally louder than that of the Leica.
  4. With regard to the issue of the focus baseline being shorter than that of the Leica and the resulting lack of accuracy, it is important to note that this is not a problem that is apparent in actual use.

The Voigtlander Bessa cameras, manufactured in Japan, are compatible with Leica L39 lenses and M lenses. The specific models of these fuselages are as follows:
Bessa-L, Bessa-T, Bessa-R, Bessa-R2, Bessa-R2S, Bessa-R2C, BessaR2A, Bessa-R3A, Bessa-R2M, Bessa-R3M, Bessa-R4M, Bessa-R4A, Rollei 35RF.

The nomenclature employed in the designation of the model allows us to discern its principal characteristics. The camera with the letter “A” is an electronic shutter camera with an A-speed aperture priority setting. The camera with the letter “M” is a fully manual mechanical shutter camera. Furthermore, it can be inferred that, in the absence of the letter “A,” the camera is fully manual and operates with a mechanical shutter. In addition, the following features are noteworthy:
Bessa-L, no viewfinder, L39 port,
Bessa-T, no viewfinder, M mount,
Bessa-R, with viewfinder, L39 port, wire frame 35, 90, 50, 75
Bessa-R2, with viewfinder, M-mount, wireframe 35, 90, 50, 75
Rollei 35 RF, R2 Rollei version M port, wireframe 40, 50, 80
Bessa-R2S, Nikon s rangefinder version S-mount, wireframe 35, 50, 85
Bessa-R2C, Contax rangefinder version C-mount, wireframe 35, 50, 85
Bessa-R2A, with viewfinder, M-mount, wireframe 35, 90, 50, 75
Bessa-R3A, with viewfinder, M-mount, wireframe 45, 50, 75, 90
Bessa-R2M, with viewfinder, M-mount, wireframe 35, 90, 50, 75
Bessa-R3M, with viewfinder, M-mount, wireframe 45, 50, 75, 90
Bessa-R4A, with viewfinder, M-mount, wireframe 21, 25, 28, 35, 50
Bessa-R4M, with viewfinder, M-mount, wireframe 21, 25, 28, 35, 50

If you’re looking for a great deal on a high-quality lens and body, look no further than Voigtlander! Both the lens and the body are fantastic, and at such an affordable price, it’s a no-brainer.