I love Leica M3


When I got my first film camera, a Leica M3, my heart leapt. I sold all my DSLRs because I fell in love with the M3 and those cameras were no longer useful. And that was just the beginning.

Even though the M3 is a 60-year-old mechanical camera, it was the beginning of a beautiful journey for me. “A street photographer without a film camera is like a body without a soul. Hahaha.” I believe the Leica M3 has a unique quality: the more time you spend with it, the better your photography becomes. This quality is transferred from the camera through your fingers, your skin, your nerves. Whenever I take it out on the street, I hold up a sword like a muscular guy (He-Man) in a cartoon once did and yell, “By the power of Grayskull…”.

35mm lens

If you’re looking for the best partner for the Leica m3, the 50mm lens is a great choice. The 35mm lens requires an external viewfinder, but for street photography, the 35mm lens’s approximate range is pretty easy to guess, so I often use it with the 35mm lens as well.