Leica m2, Simple camera make street photographers happier

leica 28 2.8 v1+ m2r + agfa apx400

So many new cameras, so little time

I wake up in the morning and I wonder, why every leica camera’s the same as it was, I can’t understand, no, I can’t understand, how life goes on the way it does. 

So many new cameras, so little time. I´m using my M2-R since I’ve got M3 and m2 and it was my third M camera. Now I´m sure that the M2-R is the “best” Leica ever.

leica M2-R

The Leica M3 was released in 1954 and the Leica M2 in 1957. The leica M2-R was released in  1969. These M2-Rs with the rapid loading system from the M4 had been developed for the US military, and were effectively being sold as army surplus through Leica dealerships.

leica M2 on street

M2 has framelines for 35mm, and there’s no other  frimelines inside or outside with 35mm lenses.

Compared to the 50mm,  the 35mm would be better for more full body shots. Step 2meters far back, you can get an entire person’s body in a shot. 35mm is storyteller’s Lens.

M2 vs M3

Compare to the M3, M2 had a less expensive to produce top plate, 0.72x finder, manual film counter. The early versions had no self timer and just a button to rewind the film, instead of the lever like on the M3.

M2 finder is clear, the design is simple. Simple camera Is thought to make street photographers happier. Being simple is not for the fain-hearted, it takes a lot of courage. 

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