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  • Lomography x-pro 200

    Lomography x-pro 200

    Novel Aromas In the decade when traditional film production declined and many companies went bankrupt in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, Lomography, a trendy form of photography, became immensely popular among young people worldwide. However, it was not until around 2012, when photography filters and a deluge of Lomo-style apps flooded the market…

  • Contax G2

    Contax G2

    Compared with the original G1, the G2 has improved autofocus performance and higher top shutter speeds of 1⁄4000 sec in manual mode and 1⁄6000 sec in aperture priority mode. more info

  • Kentmere 100 film from the UK

    Kentmere 100 film from the UK

    Kentmere 100 film has an average tolerance at best and can only be considered satisfactory. Choosing a film can be about selecting a particular style, and having all films be the same would be uninteresting. Street photographers reportedly appreciate the grain in this film. When discussing black and white film, the development process is closely…