Kentmere 400 black and white film

Kentmere 400


The general iso400 black and white film is particularly suitable for street photography. Kodak tri-x400 has attracted many people with its powerful impulse performance, and can be forced to iso800, iso1600, or even iso3200. But today we said that this kentmere400 is the opposite of the Kodak tri-x400. Forcing it will destroy it. It is recommended that you use iso400 properly.

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Kodak ULTRAMAX 400 First choice!

Kodak ULTRAMAX 400


This digital age is also very interesting to use film photography.

The film seems to usher in another spring. In the spring, there are many flowers blooming, and there are often some strange flowers that come out and start to fall. Only kodak ultramax400 does not fight or grab, there is no applause, forever universal roll.

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