leica elmarit-m 28mm f2.8 asph

leica m3 + summicron-m 90mm f2

leica elmarit-m 28mm f2.8 asph
This is a Leica compact 28mm lens. The f/2.8 aperture is good for a wide-angle head. It was not my original intention to buy this elmarit 28mm, it was bought with the camera kit.

This is an asph lens. Compared with pre-asph lens, its advantage is small, but its disadvantage is lack of personality. Compared with summicron 28 f2 asph, elmarit-m 28mm f2.8 asph has only price advantage.

My favorite Leica 28mm lens is elmarit 28mm f/2.8 v1. It is the only 0 distortion lens in the Leica 28mm lens.

Although the later ASPH version has improved corner sharpness, the old version of the lens is still irreplaceable.

leica m3 + summicron-m 90mm f2

Leica elmarit-m 28mm f2.8 asph is sharp when focusing accurately, and elmarit 28mm f/2.8 v1 is more three-dimensional when focusing is not accurate. In fact, street photography is often too late to focus.

leica elmarit m28 2.8 asph is digital friendly, there is no doubt about it. It came along with the Leica m8.

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Image Samples


Leica’s wide-angle lens LEICA 28MM F/2 SUMMICRON-M is a great lens. The image is very sharp from f/2, and each aperture is very similar. It is so good that there are not many stories in this lens.


LEICA 28MM F/2 SUMMICRON-M was released in the film age. It evolved from the fourth generation elmarit m28 2.8. The LEICA 28MM F/2 SUMMICRON-M has a good three-dimensional feel, and its style is between classic and modern lenses.

Air cutting

LEICA 28MM F/2 SUMMICRON-M bokeh is very smooth, “air cut”. The protagonist and background are a combination of sharpness and beauty. However, I don’t like its front bokeh, it’s not natural. The bokeh behind it is very good, making the picture clean and tidy without clutter.

Closer distance

The wide-angle lens does not put more things into it, but makes you closer to the subject.

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leica elmarit-m 28mm f2.8 review

leica elmarit-m 28mm f2.8

Wide-angle lens can get more scenery, just like 21-year-old age is easy to think too much.

0.7 meters

With the lens focal length set at 0.7 meters, street photography can be performed. It is more concealed at 0.7 meters. The 21mm lens can increase the distance between the main body and the background, and put more background than 35mm, the picture is more impactful.

1.5 m

1.5 meters can get a greater depth of field, get clearer characters and background images.


21mm has many bokeh, really, and very beautiful. The f/2.8 aperture is used up close, and the bokeh has the style of leica summicron 35mm f/2 v4.

Not many masters have used 21mm lenses in history. Let Rupp Siff like to use Leica 21mm. His photos are very stable on 21mm perspective control, and there is almost no perspective distortion. It is indeed a master.

leica elmarit-m 28mm f2.8
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