leica m2

leica 28 2.8 v1+ m2r + agfa apx400

I need three things: Leica, film, and light.

The bright sun burns the film, and the silver that cannot be washed away is my most loyal friend.

My original intention for buying the first Leica M was to have a robust tool.

I bought a second Leica M with a body for the second lens.

I bought a third Leica M because I sold a lens.

I bought the Nth Leica M because of “preservation” and I can only explain it this way.

The Leica M2 is not my first Leica, nor is it my last …

Leica released M3 first and then M2? Why is the publishing order not m1, m2, m3? Asking the right question often solves half of the problem. What about the other half of the answer?

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leica m3

leica m3 + summicron 35mm f2 asph

I believe the Leica M3 has a magic power, the more time you have in your hand, the more time you have to think. This magic is transmitted from the camera through the fingers to the skin, nerves and soul. The soul of artwork can communicate directly with people without language. M3 is such an artwork.

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Review of Leica MP 35mm Rangefinder Camera with 0.72x Viewfinder (black paint)

Leica MP (black paint)

Leica MP  is professional, Leica had this MP model in 1956, it is a custom model for small batches of reporters. The new version of the ‘mp’ is available in black lacquer and silver at the same time.

What are the main differences between mp, m7, and m-a?

The m7 is an official model named after the sequence of the m6. Following the numbers are m8, m9, m10 . Leica m7 is the last model of the film machine.

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