Leica CM a Compact Camera


Compact Leica M

The Leica CM is a more advanced version of the Leica Minilux, a compact camera made in Germany with a titanium housing. Operating the Leica CM is similar to operating any other point-and-shoot camera and is very convenient. Equipped with a Leica 40mm Summarit lens, it’s 1/40th of a second. It’s probably a little too slow to take clear photos of everything except humans. For example, if you try to take a close-up portrait, someone will almost certainly move and it will look blurry.

Manual Focus

In manual mode, the Leica CM is similar to the Leica M system. Experienced shooters can estimate the focal length, but since it is a point-and-shoot camera, I think it is more convenient to use the automatic mode.


The most powerful thing about CM is the summarit lens, which uses fluorite lenses and has excellent image quality. Someone modified this 40mm lens to resemble the Leica M mount and used it on a Leica M camera. It is still very good.

E02 error

Leica minilux has many problems with focusing and will report E02 error. But I didn’t find this problem when watching CM. Generally speaking, this kind of problem is caused by a problem with the lens connection cable. Minilux has more such problems, but Leica CM rarely has such problems.

Top point and shoot cameras

Today’s digital machines are updated so quickly that their workmanship is no longer so refined. In the film era, Leica in particular would make the most exquisite and beautiful cameras. Using titanium, which is only used in top-end cameras, almost no company produces such high-end cameras anymore.