Lomography x-pro 200

lomography x-pro 200
Stock up on the Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 135 format slide film for whacked out colors, huge contrast and insane saturation.
Film Type:	attribute_value_Color Slide Film
ISO:	200
DX code	No:
Development:	attribute_value_Cross Processing - C-41, Regular Processing - E6
Exposures:	12
Pack Size:	3
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Kodak ULTRAMAX 400 Color Negative Film My First choice!

Kodak ULTRAMAX 400
This offer is for 3 24 exposure rolls of Kodak Color Print Film ISO 400.
Great pictures in sunlight or low light, in action or still; The world"s most versatile 400-speed film choice.
Great pictures in a wide range of lighting conditions; Better pictures in low light; Sharper pictures with moving subjects; Extended flash range for better flash pictures; Reduced effect of "camera shake"; Better depth of focus capabilities.
Bright, vibrant prints; Consistent color under most lighting conditions.
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