Sharp Lens

The longest focal length of the Contax G series and the sharpest lens in the Contax G series is the G90 2.8. It is rumored that this G90 is at the same sharpness level as the Leica 90mm f2 AA at f2.8. But its price is very cheap, it is cheaper than several other Contax G lenses.

Auto Focus

Among range-axis focusing systems, the most popular is the wide-angle lens, because the viewing area of the telephoto lens is too small. In the Leica M system, not many people use 90mm because manual focus makes it more difficult. Interestingly, the Contax G90 is more convenient to use than the Leica 90mm thanks to its autofocus.


This 90mm lens from Contax uses the Zeiss sonnar structure, which is a classic Zeiss design and is mainly used for medium and long focal lengths. There are also lenses using the sonnar structure in the Rollei dual reflex system. It is effortless for Zeiss to create a sonnar with a large aperture of 90mm.


The large aperture of the 90mm lens can make the subject stand out and separate Beijing. However, the bokeh of the sonnar structure does not have a particularly dreamy bokeh. Its background is a bit messy, but its 3D feel is still good.

Out of focus

Rangefinder cameras use 90mm lenses, which tend to have some problems focusing at close range. Looking through the viewfinder, if it is aiming at 5 meters, but it shows 1 meter, then you need to refocus.

I recommend that if you take portraits of friends, be sure to check the distance display in the viewfinder. In actual use, I rarely lose focus when taking pictures of stationary objects, but it happened several times when taking pictures of moving objects.


If you want to install a telephoto lens on your G1 or G2, then you have only one choice, which is the sonnar G90 f2.8. This is where Zeiss is wise, and where you are wise.

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Contax G90 f/2.8 sonnar