leica m3

leica m3 + summicron 35mm f2 asph

I believe the Leica M3 has a magic power, the more time you have in your hand, the more time you have to think. This magic is transmitted from the camera through the fingers to the skin, nerves and soul. The soul of artwork can communicate directly with people without language. M3 is such an artwork.

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It’s very cold in Beijing in winter, the camera has not been pulled out, and my photography channel is offline. When I came here, I became interested in taking pictures. The panda looked at me through the window, so I looked at it through the viewfinder. Sometimes photography is talking to yourself, composition, light and shadow are secondary.

Kentmere 400 black and white film

Kentmere 400


The general iso400 black and white film is particularly suitable for street photography. Kodak tri-x400 has attracted many people with its powerful impulse performance, and can be forced to iso800, iso1600, or even iso3200. But today we said that this kentmere400 is the opposite of the Kodak tri-x400. Forcing it will destroy it. It is recommended that you use iso400 properly.

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Rollei RPX100 black and white film

For those who want to take pictures at full aperture, iso100 is still quite common, more convenient than iso400, especially using a large aperture such as f / 0.95 or f / 1.4. And iso100 is indeed much better in resolution than iso400 film.

Rollei prx’s film base is very flat, and it can be scanned directly after drying, which I personally like very much.

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