Leica IIIG


Leica IIIG

Old Camera

The passage of time has made people forget about film photography, but I still enjoy using old cameras. They remind me to enjoy the present, which is the best day. I take photos on the streets with my Leica IIIG, a retro mechanical camera. When I hold it up, people recognize it for what it is and aren’t offended. Maybe this old camera will remind people that time flies and things change, and that they should enjoy what they have right now.


These days, mobile phone photography is pretty impressive. Even the compact Leica M camera seems a bit outdated. But I still prefer using my Leica IIIG for its retro style. Even though photography isn’t as cutting-edge as it used to be, I still love it and appreciate the classic Leica. My Leica IIIG camera is in perfect condition, and I can only imagine how much its previous owner cherished it.

street photography

Street photography is all about having the right camera for the job. The equipment you use makes a big difference to the photos you take. People react differently to different cameras, which is an important part of street photography. The retro iiig style often gets a knowing smile from passers-by and is rarely rejected.

Leica IIIG

The Leica M3 came out in 1955, followed by the IIIG in 1956. The IIIG was in production until 1960. As Leica M-mount lenses were developed, Leica screw mounts gradually fell out of favor and were phased out of the market. The Leica L39 mount camera is a classic Leica.

The IIIG is the last Leica L39 mount camera. It has a lot in common with the M3. This camera has a lot of fans, and some people even use it with Leica M mount lenses. Some people even think that Leica should make a digital camera based on the iiig.

What’s the difference between iiig and m3?

The iiig has two observation windows: one for framing and the other for focusing. The Leica M3 puts the viewfinder and focus in one window.

The iiig has two shutter speed dials, one for high speed and one for slow shutter. The Leica M3 has a single dial for the shutter speed and slow speed settings.

But the IIIG is just as good as the M3. For many people, the IIIG also has some features that are pretty hard to beat:

The extra-large magnification focusing window makes it easy to focus with a 90mm lens.

It’s super lightweight and doesn’t feel heavy when you’re wearing it around your neck or in your pocket. This is what Leica is all about.

You can’t adjust the diopter on the M camera, but you can on the iiig, which is really useful when focusing on the macula.

90mm lens

I like to use it with the Elmar 90mm f/4 lens. The Leica M model isn’t as good as the iiig for focusing at 90mm.

50mm lens

I like to use the Leica iiig with the Leica Summaron 50 f/2 lens. They have a nice balance and fit in well with the overall design. This kind of camera makes you feel like you’re holding something special when you hold it in your hand.

leica iiig + summicron 5cm f/2