Choose a school or a major for the college entrance examination? Choose Leica or other cameras?

Zheng Qiang is particularly good about choosing a major or choosing a school: “Anyone who wants to be a craftsman or who wants to find a job should choose a major for a job. Those who want to do more high-end management, etc., choose a school with a more confident life. , Because the school culture supports a person.”

This sentence is particularly good, and it does have some truth. Many people know that even if their majors are tested, they don’t make much sense, but they still have to test them. The purpose is to increase their confidence in a prestigious school. Wah.

Root Leica is very similar. i50mm: “Anyone who wants to be a craftsman or looking for a job chooses another camera for a job. For those who want to do more high-end humanities and more literary life, choose Leica, because Leica culture supports the history of photography. “.

So i50mm tells everyone that you must use a leica camera, because what you see is comprehensive and the confidence you get is full. Wow haha.

Statistics show that 99% of those who visit the i50mm website have a bachelor degree or above, while 99% of the content on the i50mm website is Leica-related. Of course, if you are the 1%, it is even better, you are the one in the hundred. In short, looking at i50mm wow haha, they are not ordinary people.

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