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  • Rollei RPX100 black and white film

    Rollei RPX100 black and white film

    For those who enjoy shooting with Leica lenses at wide apertures, ISO 100 film remains a popular choice that offers greater convenience than ISO 400, particularly when using large apertures like f/0.95 or f/1.4. Furthermore, ISO 100 film can produce much finer image quality than ISO 400 film. The Rollei RPX film boasts a remarkably…

  • Leica M6

    Leica M6


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    Leica M6 Stuck Firstly, remember to look through the viewfinder instead of the film counter window, as the latter may be stuck. The film counter mechanism has plastic parts that can break, preventing the counter from resetting to “0”. Secondly, avoid inspecting the top plate too closely as some Leica M6 finishes may show bubbling…