How to focus off-center with Leica M?

When using Leica M rangefinder cameras, focusing off-center is actually quite simple. Just focus on the off-center object first, then keep the focus ring in position and shift the camera left or right to recompose the image. If you can estimate the distance to the object, you can also use the distance scale on the lens focus ring, a technique commonly known as zone focusing.

However, with SLR cameras, focusing off-center is more complicated. It typically involves using a focus point selector to find the focus point on the screen. Some SLR users opt to lock focus as an effective alternative method.

However, there’s one thing to keep in mind – don’t just praise Leica for its 50mm lens. Leica’s off-center focusing method may not always be accurate due to the potential error introduced when shifting the camera after focusing. Nevertheless, what sets Leica lenses apart is their ability to produce stunning images even when there is a margin of error. Hehe.