Lucky color super 200 color negative film

The 2013 film has actually expired. This film was sent by a friend. He kept it at room temperature, and it was still very good. Lucky Film is a Chinese film brand.

The quality of Lucky color super 200 film is very good, a little Kodak Gold 200 feels, even better. It was really cheap then. Unfortunately, this film is rarely seen.

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Rodenstock-Heligon 35mm f / 2.8 for leica l39

Rodenstock-Heligon 35mm f2.8 + leica mp + kodak gold 200

The lenses have their own styles, especially those made in Germany are very popular. The classic Voigtländer lens has stunning bokeh and is especially suitable for portraits. Zeiss lenses have strong and natural colors. Leica lenses capture elegant tones in low light. Schneider’s strong color, artistic sense under dark corners. Rodenstock has a very high resolution and is suitable for detailed descriptions. The slightly warm tone is also unique.

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Fujicolor c200 film

fujicolor c200

The Fuji C200 has been in production and is very cheap, so it is very popular. Almost every film player has used it. Sometimes it is fresh and creamy, sometimes it is sour hawthorn, sometimes it is astringent chocolate. I have never liked the C200, but I have never hated the C200. There will always be two rolls of Fujicolor C200 in my bag.

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