LEICA I model C + ELMAR 50 F/3.5 FOMAPAN100

Leica i model A B C

The Leica i was the first officially sold Leica model. The previous prototype was called the 0 series, and the original 0 series was not actually sold. Most of the cameras from 1925 are still usable, which is amazing.

There are many versions of Leica i cameras, A, B, and C models.

i model (A)
Released in 1925, the year was marked by a fixed metal bar on the front of the fuselage to lock the lens focus wrench. It is divided into anastigmat lens version, elmax lens version, hektor version, and elmar version.

i model (B)
Released in 1926, Leica’s only mirror shutter camera. The collectors like it very much, I think it’s ugly. The lens looks like a big mushroom.

 i model (C)
Released in 1930, the first Leica camera with detachable lens. In the early days, such cameras were sold with one camera and three lenses. The matching body and lens are matched and cannot be interchanged with other cameras.

The same i-model (C) and lens are engraved with the same number, or the lens can have the last three digits. Later Leica standardized the standard flange distance, making all kits and lenses universal.

Leica offers retuning of early model I (C) lenses, which are engraved with the word 0. The camera adjusted to the standard flange distance will also be engraved with 0 at 12 o’clock.

Leica i (A / B / C) cameras carry a small, long viewfinder on their shoulders. This viewfinder is only responsible for giving you an approximate range of view, not for focusing.

The black paint of the Leica i is beautiful. Leica i cameras are equipped with nickel-copper lenses, and the camera’s counter and roll button are also nickel-plated. They wear easily and leak out of brass with older Leica i cameras. These old cameras are more beautiful.

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