Leica uses SR44 or LR44?

Leica uses SR44 or LR44?

LR44 and SR44 are both button cell batteries with a similar size and shape, but they have some differences in their chemical composition and performance.

LR44 batteries are alkaline batteries, while SR44 batteries are silver oxide batteries. Alkaline batteries have a higher energy density and a longer shelf life, but their voltage output drops more quickly over time compared to silver oxide batteries. Silver oxide batteries have a more stable voltage output, which makes them more suitable for devices that require a consistent power supply.

In terms of performance, SR44 batteries typically last longer and provide more consistent power than LR44 batteries. However, LR44 batteries are more widely available and cheaper than SR44 batteries.

In summary, the main difference between LR44 and SR44 batteries is their chemical composition, which affects their voltage output and overall performance.

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Leica uses SR44 or LR44?