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  • Lomography x-pro 200

    Lomography x-pro 200

    Novel Aromas In the decade when traditional film production declined and many companies went bankrupt in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, Lomography, a trendy form of photography, became immensely popular among young people worldwide. However, it was not until around 2012, when photography filters and a deluge of Lomo-style apps flooded the market […]

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  • Contax g2 Planar 45mm f2 Black&White Review

    Contax and Leica “Normal” Lenses Old lens life is the crossing of a sea, where we meet in the same narrow ship. The Contax G45 lenses are every bit as good as Leica non-ASPH 50 lenses. The G45 have slightly redder in color rendition. And the Leica is silky smooth. I took some great images with it, […]

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