contax g2 planar 45mm f2 black&white Image Simples

contax g2 planar 45mm f2

Zeiss style

The color of ZEISS is impressive. The colors pop out and are naturally bright and pleasant. Color is very subjective, and Zeiss is indeed a master.


The bokeh of the contax G45 is pretty good. After all, a 50mm lens cannot have a smoothness of 90mm. The closest focusing distance of the G45 is 0.5 meters, and a very smooth bokeh can be obtained at close range. The Leica standard lens has a minimum focusing distance of 0.7 meters, which is not as close as the g45.


The metal hood is small and exquisite, very practical and very beautiful.

At the same time, attaching the UV and the hood will slightly block the viewfinder, the lower right corner, but it is very slight, it is nothing.

contax g2 planar 45mm f2


The imaging is very good when facing the sunlight, and the colors are also very real.

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Lomography x-pro 200

lomography x-pro 200

At the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century, in the decade when traditional film production was reduced and closed, lomo was very popular. Lomo is known as a trendy art that quickly gained popularity among young people around the world. Digital cameras have not stopped lomo in the slightest. What really gave lomo a punch was the iphone filter.

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