Contax g2 Planar 45mm f2 Black&White Review

contax g2 planar 45mm f2

Contax and Leica “Normal” Lenses

Old lens life is the crossing of a sea, where we meet in the same narrow ship. The Contax G45 lenses are every bit as good as Leica non-ASPH 50 lenses. The G45 have slightly redder in color rendition. And the Leica is silky smooth. I took some great images with it, the G45 being my favorite with G1.

Zeiss Look

The Contax 45mm f2 is an autofocus rangefinder lens for the Contax G1 and G2 cameras, that offer the distinct ZEISS look; a unique, unrivaled image quality defined by its sharpness, color, and contrast. Shooting at f/2 the image appears to pop out of the background.

Beautiful bokeh

Don’t worry ti is not a very fast lens. By increasing the distance between the background and your subject (0.5 -1meters), you can see smooth bokeh in images. Other distances are a bit harsh.


Contax GG-2 Lens Hood, Chrome, for 45mm f/2

This lens hood is used to protect your lens from scratches or other possible damage. Make sure to use a lens hood to protect your lens in the case it is dropped.

contax g2 planar 45mm f2
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Lomography x-pro 200

lomography x-pro 200
Stock up on the Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 135 format slide film for whacked out colors, huge contrast and insane saturation.
Film Type:	attribute_value_Color Slide Film
ISO:	200
DX code	No:
Development:	attribute_value_Cross Processing - C-41, Regular Processing - E6
Exposures:	12
Pack Size:	3
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