Leica 21mm f/4 Super Angulon reviews (Black & White Film)

leica 21mm f/4 super angulon

Wide-angle lens for street photos

Wide-angle lens is a mountain. My goal is to find my path, not to reach the top. The 21mm lens is the widest lens I have ever used. Since it gives fewer distortions, I can photograph humans on thestreet without making them look disproportionate. It also offers a significant depth of field that enables I to shoot fast-moving objects without much focusing. With the f/4 aperture it will make taking street photos feel effortless.

Change Distance, and Change Style

Wide angle lenses can create visual and psychological effects depending on how they are used. In wide angle lens photography, the subject becomes further away. A wide lens is great for creating distance from a subject, a 21mm lens can be great in close proximity for closing up photos. Change your distance and change your photography style.

Schneider Super Angulon

Leica 21mm f/4 Super Angulon was designed and manufactured by Schneider, and uses the Classic SUPER-ANGULON symmetrical design which is usually for the 4×5 format. Lenses with this design are roughly symmetric, have large negative outer elements and smaller inner elements. Leica Super Angulon 21/f4 rear element comes very close to touching the film and the distance to the corners and center is very different served to darken and saturate the sky. This vignetting is a fact of life on large format lenses of similar design. It has excellent contrast and very saturated color.

leica 21mm f/4 super angulon

Leica 21mm f/4 Super-Angulon M – Technical Information

Brand:	Leica	
Country/Region of Manufacture:	Germany
Focal Length Type:	Fixed/Prime	
Focal Length:	21mm
Type:	High Quality, Prime, Ultra Wide Angle	
Model:	Angulon
Series:	Leica Super-Angulon-M	
Camera Type:	Rangefinder	
Focus Type:	Manual
Maximum Aperture:	f/4.0	
Mount:	Leica M
leica 21mm f/4 super angulon
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