Leica M6 is Stuck, Leica M6 is Popular


Leica M6 is Stuck

One, remember to look through the viewfinder and not through the film counter window. Because the Leica M6 film counter is stuck. There are plastic parts under the film counter, which can break and the counter cannot reset to “0”.

Two, never take a closer look at the top plate. Many Leica m6 top plate finishes appear to be bubbling up under the paint.

Three, if you are lucky enough to find a new special edition, remember it is limited and don’t use it, it should stay in the Moisture Proof box.

Leica M6 is Popular

You like Leica cameras not only because of their appearance, but because they are easy to use, buy, and repair. The Leica m6 is such a camera.

M6 is the first M with in-camera metering. Metering is one of the most important aspects of film photography, especially for the newbies who switch from digital to film.

Not every photographer likes to run through the Sunny 16 rule to shoot a film. It’s not accurate.

Maybe, have an In-camera metering, that is the reason why Leica M6 is so popular.

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