Carl Zeiss 45mm F/2 Planar Review with black & white film

contax g2 45mm f/2

Only if you don’t follow the trend, can you have a true self

Zeiss is very smart with a 45mm focal length. Compared with the 50mm lens, this particular focal length is impressive. The G45 f/2 is the star of the Zeiss contax rangefinder system, and many people like it. The Contax G series is a legend in itself, with a new rangefinder system and full focal length coverage.

The sharpest standard lens

G45 is the main lens of contax in the 1990s, known as the world’s sharpest standard lens, Zeiss style. The sharpest lens in the G series is the G90mm f/2.8, followed by the G45. The sharpness of the G90 at aperture f/2.8 is comparable to that of Leica’s 90mm f/2 AA.

contax g2 45mm f/2

Made in japan

Although the G45 is made in Japan, the style is Zeiss’s own. Only 16mm of G series lenses are made in Germany, the rest are made in Japan. Actually made in Japan is also very good.

contax g2 45mm f/2


Many people use g45 f2 for digital cameras. Because the light of the 45mm lens is more vertical, there will be no red shift in the corners. Sony a7 users are very fond of this lens. Closer to the original Zeiss style. The G45 is very lightweight and is the perfect partner for Sony a-series cameras.


The g45 is a bargain, which is 1/10 of the Leica standard lens. Many people like the G45 over Leica’s 50mm lens. They like Zeiss’ color philosophy.


It’s too cold in Beijing, China, which really makes me a little lazy. For a while, I gave up Leica and take up contax g2 because it can autofocus. I can put my hands in my pocket to keep warm.

Who uses G45

Recently, a friend asked me to recommend an entry-level film camera. He wanted the Leica look, but not too expensive. I recommend contax G2 + G45 f/2.

康泰时 contax G45 F2 使用感受
contax g2 45mm f/2
contax g2 45mm f/2
contax g2 45mm f/2
contax g2 45mm f/2
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