People who own Leica M cameras will not feel unfamiliar when using this SOFORT. Pick it up, adjust the focal length, compose the view, and shoot. Hey! Deja vu.

First, estimate the focus.

LEICA SOFORT has two gears: 0.6 meters to 3 meters, and 3 meters to infinity. This is the characteristic of Leica M lenses. Fujifilm instax mini90 is the prototype of Leica SOFORT. The Fujifilm version does not have this focal length ring.

Second, the rangefinder.

The Leica viewfinder is so bright and comfortable. Rangefinder viewfinder is not Leica’s patent, but it is the soul of Leica. The viewfinder of Fuji mini90 is obviously not as good as Leica SOFORT.

Third, there are square and round shapes.

The designs of Leica cameras are both square and round. They seem to have no design, but are actually more classic. Sofort is also a combination of square and round shapes, which is very classic. Leica’s other SL digital camera also has this concept, with a simple design and no unnecessary lines. This SOFROT is a real Leica produced by Fujifilm.