LEICA 50mm f/2 SUMMICRON-M v4 review

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The only lens that Walter Mandler designs are still in production. Too sharp, whether digital or film, at first I was a little overwhelmed. The only lens in production designed by legendary lens designer Walter Mandler. The optical design has not changed for 39 years. It is the fourth generation summicron 50mm optical design. So here we call it v4.

Leica Summicron-M 50mm f / 2 v4 has a lightweight structure, mature optical design and natural viewing angle. When this lens was born, it used the latest glass developed by Leica Laboratories in Germany, which was later used in Leica noctilux lenses.

There are three versions of the LEICA SUMMICRON-M 50mm f / 2 v4, the “Crescent” focus lever version, and the “Tiger claw” focus lever version. These two belong to earlier versions. The version with focusing lever is lighter, which many people like, and it can increase the focusing speed. The third version is the newer version that is still in production, it has no focus lever. Both these versions share identical optics.

Summicron is Leica’s most important lens series. The 35mm and 50mm summicron lenses are world-class. Combining compactness, lightness and high performance. Both masters in history and current beginners love summicron lenses.

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