Contax G28 f/2.8 biogon

28mm street photography

Along with the Contax G1, there are three lenses: G28/2.8, G45/2 and G90/2.8. Photographers these days prefer wide-angle lenses, especially young photographers. Street photography has evolved from the earliest 50mm lens to the 35mm lens and then to the 28mm lens. So I recently found that more and more people are using Contax G1 with g28 lens. It is equivalent to a film version of the Leica Q. 28mm has become a lens that takes into account both humanities and landscapes. The popular 28mm lens of the Leica Q is an example.

Optical quality

The optical quality of Contax’s G28 2.8 is really great, and Zeiss’ wide-angle design is truly extraordinary. This Biogon design can achieve very extreme imaging and is compact in size. Biogon barrel distortion is extremely small, reaching 0.3%, close to 0, which is 0.1% smaller than the Leica elmarit 28 2.8 asph. It is very sharp when the aperture is wide open. For film, I can no longer tell the difference between the sharpness of f2.8 and f5.6.

T* coating

Zeiss’ top-grade T* coating has never been surpassed, and the color is transparent and fast. In the case of backlighting, there will be no obvious glare. Contax G series UV is simply awesome, G28/2.8 uses 46mm uv. This UV is much cheaper than the Leica E46 UV, and the coating is better than the Leica.


This is so affordable that I don’t even know what to say. There are so many g28s out there and G28s are so cheap. Although Leica’s Elmarit m28 f2.8 asph has better optical performance, it is too expensive.