Kodak Tri-x 400TX Black & White Film

kodak tri-x 400TX + leica 21 f3.4 super angulon

I had a friend ask me if I had changed the style of my photography. My opinions may have changed, but not the style of the photo. This is not new style! This is an illusion of new style!

Because my new photo is from 5 years ago. It’s not that the style has changed, it’s that the times have changed.

Photography is not just about the technicalities of composition, it’s about seeing and noticing what’s around you and communicate it through your photos.I still have a bag of undeveloped film, they are time capsules.

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Fujicolor C200 Color Negative Film

Fujicolor C200
It’s a great all around film for everyday shooting.  Great vividness across the entire spectrum, including vibrant reds, blues and yellows. Sharp depiction of all aspects of the subject from over all from to textural details. Beautiful, natural skin-tones rendition. Fine grain for a medium-speed film, providing consistently high quality even in enlargements. Accurate color reproduction even under fluorescent lights.

Best Budget Film
35mm format, ASA 200
Color print film
4 rolls of 24 exposures
CN-16 or C-41 processing
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FUJICOLOR NATURA 1600 35MM FILM +leica z2x
Film Format:	35 mm
Film Type:	Color Negative Film
ISO:	1600
Development:	C41 Color Negative Processing
Exposures:	36
The Fujifilm Natura 1600 35mm film is perfect for shooters who are looking for a reliable 35mm high speed film. 
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Lomography x-pro 200

lomography x-pro 200
Stock up on the Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 135 format slide film for whacked out colors, huge contrast and insane saturation.
Film Type:	attribute_value_Color Slide Film
ISO:	200
DX code	No:
Development:	attribute_value_Cross Processing - C-41, Regular Processing - E6
Exposures:	12
Pack Size:	3
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