she uses running, and I use shutter

For a long time in the past, I thought photography was about taking pictures of scenery, friends, and family. When I saw Henri Cartier-Bresson’s street photography album in a bookstore, I had to close the book and hide my face to prevent strangers from seeing how excited I was. It turns out that street photography can amplify our sympathy and love and guide us to feel the enlightenment of life.
From then on, I would often go out with a camera, sometimes a Leica, sometimes a point-and-shoot. I don’t deliberately look for opportunities, but try my luck. Especially if someone is running in a hurry, I will take pictures immediately. I know that every person who is in a hurry must have a goal behind her. She and I have a common goal – to seize the opportunity. It’s just that our expression methods are different, she uses running, and I use shutter.

leica summilux 35mm 1.4 pre-asph
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she uses running, and I use shutter