Contax G45mm F/2 Planar


As good as a Leica

The Contax G45 lens is just as good as the Leica summicron 50 lens. I took some great photos with it and the G45 is my favorite G lens. This lens has very high definition, Zeiss lens, unparalleled image quality. The bokeh is beautiful, and when shooting at f/2, the subject is separated from the background and has a nice 3D feel.

Legend G45

G45 f/2 is the star product in the G system, and many people like it. Many people buy Contax G1 cameras just to use this lens. The Contax G45 has become a legend. Contax’s G35 f/2 uses seven pieces of glass, similar to the optical structure of the Leica summicron 35mm f2 v4, but its clarity is not as sharp as the Contax G45, and the price is higher than the G45.

45mm and 50mm

The viewing range of the Leica 40mm f/2 lens is closer to 35mm, while the viewing range of the Contax g45 is closer to 50mm, which is interesting. I don’t know why Contax used a specific focal length of 45mm, maybe just to make it look different, and in fact it does. I love this lens.