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leica m camera case

Leica is not only the inventor of full-frame cameras, but also the designer of modern camera cases. The Leica 0 series cameras are particularly good with camera cases. I have to admire the German design.

Beautiful design

The Leica camera itself is very beautiful, so I usually do n’t need a camera case. My friends love using camera cases, they use all kinds of beautiful camera cases. You can buy colorful camera cases online. There are various types of camera cases, such as oil wax leather, calf leather, snake leather, crocodile leather, lizard leather, ostrich leather. Some people like changing clothes, some people like changing shoes, some people like changing cameras, and some people like changing camera cases.

Protect camera

There are two types of camera cases to protect the camera: half case and full case. Generally, the full camera case has three fixed snaps, which are in the shape of an inverted triangle. Unlock the two buttons above, lift the top cover, shoot, and then close the top cover, this has the advantage of protecting the camera. The full camera case is suitable for people who do not need a camera backpack. Many people prefer a half camera case, which can play a certain protective role without affecting the use.

leica m9 case
leica m9 case

Keep warm

I equip my camera case mainly to keep warm in winter. You know, the weather in northern China is very cold. The camera is cool. So every winter, I not only put myself in a coat, but also put a camera in a leather coat. You know, the battery life of digital cameras will be shortened in low temperature environments.


With leather pads, hands do increase friction. Some people buy a camera case with a grip, which saves money on a camera grip.

What camera case to choose?

The old camera case has been damaged for a long time, and the good price is not cheap. The new camera case is a better choice.

ARTISAN & ARTIST camera case materials are very good, and the camera fits well. For people like me who only use camera cases in winter, there is no need to buy ARTISAN & ARTIST camera cases.

Cam-in made in China is much cheaper. Although it is not as good as ARTISAN & ARTIST, it can keep warm. The most important thing is that the color of cam-in is also very large.

I made a camera case by hand. To be honest, because the ductility of the leather was not considered, it was not very successful in the end. Fortunately, it is not too tight to fit the Leica m9. I started using this camera case this winter.

You can buy camera cases online, there are many types, and the materials are also very good. Each camera manufacturer has its own camera case, which is well designed, but the price is not cheap.

contax tix case
leica r case
contax g1 g2 case
minox 35 mb case
minox 35 mb case
leica m9 hand made by me
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