Master Photographer Frank Horvat and leica

You will fall in love with his work just by looking at it

Looking at Frank Horvat’s work always gives one a relaxed and spontaneous feeling. Whether it is commercial work or street work, it exudes a spirit of euphoria and optimism. And this spirit is not built by relying on clean backgrounds and telling circumstances, but rather capturing a moment when the characters shine. He does not shoot surprisingly like other photographers, nor does he shoot seriously like some photographers, simply put, you will fall in love with his work at first glance.

I think it is difficult to introduce Frank Horvat in a sentence or two, or in an article, because he is a fashion photographer who is also very good in the field of street photography and is also famous for photographing club girls. Sometimes photographers don’t know how to be themselves.

Frank Horvat has taken a lot of black and white photos, but also a lot of color photos. But from his black and white photos I see more or “open”, no excessive sense of obstinacy, are naturally emitting a kind of optimistic calmness. This is perhaps the secret of his longevity. You can see that he was a very cheerful man.