“My name is Leica M1. I am not the boss, but I would like to keep my name and pay tribute to myself. I managed to differentiate myself from the M2 and focus on practical research work.

Leica users often overlook the Leica M1 because it lacks a focusing system, unlike the M2/M3/M4/M6/M4-2/M4p/M5. However, the use of the number “1” in its name can be confusing.

The M1 is essentially an M2 with the focusing system removed. It lacks the rangefinder linkage structure and is therefore missing a crucial element of the M2’s soul. The M1 was originally intended for industrial use rather than for taking pictures, but it was given a sleek exterior similar to the M2.

Despite its shortcomings, the Leica M1 is popular in the collectible market due to its limited production numbers.”

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Leica M1